8 Extraordinary Vessels and Fulfilling Destiny - Jeffrey Yuen - NCCAOM PDA-372-32

  • 10 Mar 2018
  • 9:00 AM
  • 11 Mar 2018
  • 5:00 PM
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The Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qi Jing Ba Mai) are considered the ancestral and constitutional vessels of Chinese acupuncture.  As such, these channels are utilized for the treatment of congenital issues and acquired conditions that damage the jing-essence.  Stemming from the unfolding of yin and yang via the first ancestry (Chong, Ren, and Du), these vessels serve as the basis and foundation of human existence by which an individual undergoes the process of evolving into the biological (natural), individual, social, and even the transpersonal self.  Through working with these eight vessels, clinicians gain a deeper understanding of how to mediate one’s destiny and adapt to the potential taxation accorded by oneself, society, and the environment.  More importantly, treatment strategies will be examined pertaining to the reversal of latent pathogens that have been absorbed into the constitution resulting in chronic degenerative diseases.

Participants will learn:        

  • Energetics of each of the eight extraordinary vessels (EV)
  • Physical and psychosocial development associated with the 8 EV
  • 8 EV as ditches for constitutional pathogens and their reversal
  • Diagnosis of the 8 EV and their pathological process
  • Treatment strategies of the 8 EV – coupled pairs, point combinations, and integration with the other channel systems
  • To recognize which of the 8 EV to utilize for patients’ spiritual and emotional challenges

Day 1:

  • Introduction to the 8 Extraordinary Vessels – Evolution & Constitution
  • The 1st Ancestry – Chong, Ren, and Du
  • Correlations to the Curious Fu-Bowels
  • Unfolding of Destiny – the Cycles of 7 & 8
  • Wei-Linking Vessels – Exposure to the Social World
  • Natural Cyclical Rhythms and Acquired/Learned Rhythms
  • The Nine Heart Pains – Challenges to Human Existence
  • Sabotage to the Irrigation of Yuan-Source Qi – Zang Zao/Visceral Agitation 

Day 2:

  • Self-Inquiry – Bridging the Outer and Inner Chapters – Qiao-Motility Vessels
  • The Orifices & their Impact on our Sensation & Perception
  • Keeping It Together – the Dai-Girdle Vessel for Consolidation and Latency
  • Letting It All Go – the Dai-Girdle Vessel for Rectification and Release
  • The Impact of the Other Vessels on the First Ancestry and Their Diagnoses
  • Chong Mai as the Basis of Post-Natal Qi and the Impact on the 5 Zang 6 Fu
  • Development of Treatment Strategies Based on the 8 EV
  • Point Combination and Coupled Pairing of the 8 EV

Presented by Jeffrey Yuen, who needs no introduction. 

Pending for NCCAOM PDA

Pending for CALIFORNIA CEUs, CA Provider #731, Fulfills Category #1 requirements for license renewal.   

Cancellation Policy: Registrations must be cancelled prior to February 9, 2018 and only a 75% refund will be given. After that time you will not receive a refund.


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