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As well as upcoming seminar events, the Maryland Acupuncture Society also has distance learning courses for CEU/PDA Credit based on recordings of past seminars, and also seminar recordings without credits.

Past events are listed at the bottom of the page. For events prior to March 2013, click here.

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Upcoming events

    • 07 Feb 2015
    • 9:00 AM (EST)
    • 08 Feb 2015
    • 5:00 PM (EST)
    • Sheraton, Columbia, MD (10207 Wincopin Cir, 21044)

    Mori West: Acupuncture Insurance Billing - Basic and Advanced

    Day 1: Beginning Billing
    This class is for the acupuncturist right out of school as well as those that have some experience billing but still have gaps in their understanding of insurance.  At the end of this class you will:

    • Understand how Insurance Works- Which networks you should join and WHY
    • Know HOW and why to verify a patients benefits so you are GUARANTEED to be paid and not be waiting for money that is NEVER GOING TO COME- The SINGLE BIGGEST MISTAKE Newbies Make!
    • Know Coding – What treatments you can bill for to make sure you are receiving MAXIMUM Reimbursements for your Treatment also understanding Diagnosis’ restrictions
    • Be able to accept a patient’s insurance with confidence, KEEP YOUR CASH flow consistent by collecting from the patient when payments are going to deductible and wait for insurance to pay knowing it WILL PAY.

    TAKE THIS CLASS AND HAVE A TOTAL UNDERSTANDING OF INSURANCE and YOUR ROLE.  Start Monday morning submitting electronic Claims and verifying benefits.

    You will be given VALUABLE FORMS, most of which can be personalized just for your office.  Forms like a customized Superbill, Privacy Practices and Acknowledgement, Business Associate Agreement, Financial Policies and Hardship Agreements and MANY MORE.   Have these re-writable PDFs at your fingertips to use in your practice and make them your own.

    Day 2:  Advanced Billing

    This class is for the acupuncturist who wants to know just what the experts know about billing and collecting to level the playing field and truly make sure you are getting paid what you are worth.  You should have a couple years’ experience submitting billing and/or at minimum have taken Billing 101.
    At the end of this class you will:

    • Understand the changes in the new claim if you find carriers are requiring you to use it
    • How to get things reprocessed quickly, when and how to file an appeal that will get you paid
    • UNDERSTAND Documentation – KNOW Exactly what insurance carriers want to see
    • KNOW how to document Medical Necessity – they HAVE to pay you if you can justify your treatment is working
    • Treat VA patients,.  Don’t discount Dept of Labor WC, they pay GREAT.
    • Understand the appeals process and WIN every appeal you submit


    TAKE THIS CLASS AND INCREASE THE NUMBERS OF PATIENTS YOU CAN SEE.  Have the confidence of knowing your claims WILL be paid, because you know what Insurance Companies want to see and you give it to them.

    You will get VALUABLE Forms.  Samples Letters of Medical Necessity and what GOOD Bulletproof documentation looks like.  Outcome assessment tests and instructions on how to use them.  Forms and Sample Appeal letters that work, plus MUCH MORE.

    Mori West:

    Beginning Billing:
    Mori's billing class was really good. She sure knows how to keep you engaged in a seemingly "boring" subject. The class was quite fun! She is truly invested in your success and goes above and beyond. Mike Nam LAc

    I took Mori's Billing Seminar in New Haven, CT. It was fantastic. She is dedicated and very educated in billing. The information presented was solid. She is a must have. Kevin J Pinzone, LAc

    Thank You for the Great Class yesterday! I feel more confident dealing with insurance companies. now.    Matthew Bryant LAc

    Thanks for all the info and help.  As I’m sure you remember, there we were, lingering at the door, an hour and a half after class was supposed to be over, hanging on your every word, hungry for more.  I learned more about insurance billing in four hours than during my entire practice management class.  Nathan Anderson, L.Ac.

    Advanced Billing and Both Days
    Mori West is amazing! I recommended her courses to anyone looking to learn how to bill insurance (or deepen your skills if you are already doing it)! She is extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and efficient - well worth your time and money! Thank you, Mori!
    Andrea Werner LAc

    Mori is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her field, and wants to share everything she knows. She truly cares about her students and absolutely wants the best for them. At no point was she trying to sell her services or maintain secrecy about any information related to her work. I walked out of the class filled with information and inspiration, and, more importantly, with more confidence in my ability to adequately bill insurance and understand the entire process. This course is well worth the price of admission. An added plus is that Mori is extremely charismatic and super funny! I genuinely enjoyed her 8-hour course.  Christina Bird Ward LAc

    Mori’s class is invaluable for any Acupuncturist who wants to learn more about insurance billing. Even if you don’t want to learn more because you think that billing is too difficult, her class will likely make you realize that it’s not as complicated as it seems.  Mori is clearly very knowledgeable about the profession and will teach you how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls of billing insurance.  She will teach you what you need to know in an organized, concise and comprehensible manner. Sarah Schwab, L.Ac.

    Even Professional Billers Take her Classes: Hi Mori, Today's billing class was exceptional! You're an excellent speaker and teacher, all the material was presented with clarity and enthusiasm. I always learn something from you to aid me in my business and came away from your class today with more useful knowledge.
    The timing of what you mentioned about Harrington Health was perfect. I've just recently gotten some Northern CA business and I am just beginning to educate myself with health plans specific to that area.
    Thanks again for an insightful and enjoyable day.                 Nancy G. Owner, Cardinal Business Services

    Not Approved for NCCAOM PDA.

    Not Approved for CALIFORNIA CEUs

    Early Registration deadline for this seminar is January 7, 2015. One day registrations are available but do not have an early registration discount.

    Cancellation Policy: Registrations must be cancelled prior to January 7, 2015 and only a 75% refund will be given. After that time you will not receive a refund.

    • 14 Mar 2015
    • 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • 15 Mar 2015
    • 5:00 PM (EDT)
    • Sheraton, Columbia, MD (10207 Wincopin Cir, 21044) Please go to for the lowest overnight rates available

    Dr. Richard Teh-FuTan ibegan his studies in Chinese Medicine as a small child living in Taiwan. He apprenticed with numerous masters and studied herbal medicine, the five elements, zang-fu energetics and channel theory.  As a young man he took his training to the army hospital, where he treated hundreds of patients in conjunction with their western medical treatment.

    After moving to the US, he became very interested in combining his traditional medical studies with the logical part of his brain.  He began to piece together all the historical knowledge that he was taught and read about in the classics. Dr. Tan is adamant that the classical texts state that the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments should be seen immediately, just as the shadow appears instantly when a pole is placed under the sun.  After decades of private practice and group teaching, Dr. Tan is now renowned for sharing his knowledge of the Balance Method to thousands of practitioners worldwide.

    Dr. Tan inspires and delights with his teachings.  He has a large following of practitioners who are devoted to the Balance Method and attend multiple seminars each year. No two classes are ever the same, as Dr. Tan encourages questions and always does class demonstrations to prove the instant effectiveness of his methods.  His dynamic teaching style is captivating!

    More information, including his list of publications is available at

    Dr. Tan revised his teaching curriculum to benefit both his new and experienced students. He will clearly explain the fundamental concepts of acupuncture, along with clinical examples, case studies, and demonstrations of the most common pain patterns seen in practice.

    Students will get hands-on training and needling practice. Working in small groups, they will treat each other under Dr. Tan’s guidance. Former students say they now have a deeper understanding of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method and feel confident using it immediately in the clinic since they have experienced the instant results themselves in his class.

    Cases are resolved in three easy steps: First, students identify the meridian that is the cause of the pain or disorder. Second, they choose the meridians that will balance the affected meridian(s). Third, they select the points along the meridians that will be needled. Numerous cases will be discussed with the application of each of the Six Systems for each disorder.

    Dr. Tan wants all participants to achieve excellent results in their clinical practice after completing his seminar. He provides personal supervision to ensure students learn the theory and hands-on technique.

    Students will:

    • Learn Dr. Tan’s famous Six Systems, which tie together 2,000 years of Chinese Medicine into an amazing step-by-step format
    • Understand Dr. Tan’s simple three-step strategy, which is effective for all pain symptoms, tingling, numbness, and burning
    • Discover how to use both the Imaging and Mirroring Formats with ease in order to get INSTANT results
    • Find out how to use only distal points with powerful effects in order to avoid aggravating a patient’s pain
    • Gain the trust and confidence of patients by relieving pain within seconds of needle insertion
    • Gather practical knowledge through Dr. Tan’s emphasis on clinical cases and real-life scenarios
    • Learn the “Matrix Analysis Technique” to balance complications arising from painful areas which cover multiple meridians
    • Address complicated pain patterns simultaneously in one treatment with minimal needles for optimal efficacy (i.e., lumbar pain, shoulder pain and headaches occurring all at the same time)

    Pending for NCCAOM PDA

    Inquire for CALIFORNIA CEUs

    Early Registration deadline for this seminar is February 14, 2015.

    Cancellation Policy: Registrations must be cancelled prior to February 15, 2015 and only a 75% refund will be given. After that time you will not receive a refund.

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